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Самолет, пролетающий на фоне Луны


"An Airplane in Front of the Moon " - снимок Chris Thomas , сделанный в Австралии.
Ниже приводиться его "рецепт" данного снимка.

Explanation: If you look closely at the Moon, you will see a large airplane in front of it. Well, not always. OK, hardly ever. But if you wait for days with your camera attached to a Moon tracker in a place where airplanes are known to pass, you might catch a good photograph of it. Well, if you're lucky. OK, extremely lucky. The above image was taken two weeks ago over South East Queensland, Australiausing an exposure time of 1/250th of a second and, in the words of the photographer, "a nerve of steel".

Обсуждали в друзьями то, насколько реально сделать такой снимок, и какова доля фотошопа во всем этом.

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